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A Song for My Sister (2012)

Mira's wish comes true--with the arrival of a baby sister--but that wish doesn't act the way Mira was expecting. Notable Book Award from Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee for 2013

Yuvi's Candy Tree (2011)

Yuvi is five years old when she sneaks out of Ethiopia in the dark on a donkey . She fools robbers and makes it to a Sudanese refugee camp with her grandmother where they are later airlifted to Israel. Based on the true story of Ethiopian Israeli Yuvi Tashome.

The Hug

The Hug is the story of a hug with an identity complex. This Canadian bestseller is available both in the original edition as an Annickin (Annick Press, 1985) as well as a new board book (Annick Press, 2010).

The Shabbat Box

When it’s Ira’s turn to take home the Shabbat box he loses the box in a snowstorm. The story is about his creative solution to the crisis, and includes a pragmatic list at the back for kids to make their own boxes.

The Purim Surprise

Naomi Levin's world gets turned upside down when she moves to a new town and doesn't know anyone. To make matters worse it's Purim and she is convinced her mother has forgotten her seventh birthday.